Monday, 6 December 2010

Lib Dem MP for Yardley, Birmingham : Office occupied and closed down

At Midday today members of 'Stop Cuts and Fees Birmingham' closed down John Hemming's constituency office on Coventry road, Yardley.
John Hemming is a Lib Dem MP and we hope that this action will encourage him to keep the Lib Dem pre-election promise - no rise in tuition fees - and vote against the proposed tuition fee rise which will be decided in parliament this Thursday the 9th.
Details are still coming in, but watch this space for more information and pictures.


  1. Yes, that was a great use of police time, what a waste of public resource, this very waste of resource which is why YOU will have to pay more tuition fees. Your argument has no substance. You all seem to be forgetting that LABOUR bought in tuition fees and LABOUR left us in this mess. YOU want your education then YOU pay for it. End of


    The point, Peter, is that this millionaire scumbag pledged to vote against fees before the election. No one is saying Labour are any better.

    Don't you think a few hours of police time is worth it to try and restore decency and honesty back into politics, and take a stand? We were all lied to!

  3. John Hemming now quoted on the news saying that he will vote for the fees increase so as "not to reward bad behaviour". MPs are elected to make decisions on the basis of facts in the best interets of us, the people, who they are working for. They are not elected to hand out knee jerk punnishments to all and sundry on the basis of personal inconvenience.

    This quote is not the action of a balanced and trustworthy person.

    @Peter, irrespective of which side of the House of Lackeys brought in the fees, we are all paying a massive amount of money to reward the bad behaviour of bankers who have no interest in the welfare of the people of this country, as evidenced by their casually leaving the country as soon as the going gets tough so that they don't have to pay higher taxes.