Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Emergency assembly at 6pm tomorrow meet guild reception!

The chips are down and it’s the 11th hour for education, the government, desperate to railroad cuts and fees through parliament have set the vote for the 9th of December, where the future of education will be largely decided. 

Join the national demonstration against rises in tuition fees, an end to EMA, and the cuts agenda, Get the word out. Get organising!

We are meeting at 2pm tomorrow outside the main library on Birmingham university campus to start chalking and leafleting, come join us!

We are meeting at 6pm tomorrow at the reception of the guild (moving from there to another location) to discuss, plan and organise.

We are meeting for a second emergency assembly again Friday 5pm in the guild of student’s reception. 

We are meeting at 1pm by the bullring waterstones, to target a mystery tax dodger in town, join us!

We need cars, if you have a car reply to this message, we are organising lift sharing!

We need you most of all! Join our phone tree text no fees to 07902141208 to receive updates of meetings and actions.

In solidarity 

Stop Fees and Cuts in Birmingham 

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  1. You have done a great work really. A lots of efforts behind this.