Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Students Shut down tax dodgers Vodafone, Twice!

 Friday night in town, it was mentioned that vodafone had been given by the new government a tax break. The original Private Eye exposé on the decision reports the sum to be in the region of £6 billion pounds, which is enough for free education for a year or enough to pay for the cuts to higher education 6 times over. One senior figure at the HMRC is quoted as calling the decision "an unbelievable cave in".

It was also mentioned that a group on twitter called uk-uncut, where encouraging people, to shut down Vodafone stores in protest on the next day, immediately we set to work on twitter and texts, saying “shut down Vodafone brum, meet by the bull in the bull ring look for the people with the white flowers”. For an action organized in less than 12 hours, it was a great success and Vodafone brum was shut down by 15 people and was one of 22 stores shut down across the country on the busiest shopping day of the week. The video of our action can be found here 

As I was leaving one of officers who had carried me out the store said to me, well I hope you have learned your lesson. I can honestly say I did, Sunday the 14th of November, we shut down Vodafone again but, this time we brought 42 students rather the 15, police and security could only watch as student power shut down the tax dodgers Vodafone for the second time.

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