Monday, 7 February 2011

Solidarity, The Petition and the Cases

The university of birmingham has said it could well be weeks even months before the students on displinary hear back about their future at the university birmingham . Stop Fees and Cuts In Birmingham reckons it is a breach of the universities duty of care to its students leaving the cases dangling over them rather than dealing with the cases swiftly by chucking the disciplinary cases out with the rubish that they are.
we are now 37 Signatures off 1500, our disciplinary cases are still ongoing so signatures are still very much appreciated
Thanks to all the students above who took in part in the video petition standing together with their peers. 
We will post here regarding any developmeants in our ongoing case.


  1. Today I hear Oxford will put up fees to £9000 - it's a disgrace. What chance will working class people have to enjoy higher education now?

    No doubt Cameron, Osborne and Clegg will be all able to sit back and relax though. they have the money to pay university fees for their offspring. No such luck for the 2.5m unemployed!

  2. Actually as long as they are not put off by the amount of debt that they will have at the end of their course then they have the same chance as everyone else. In fact if places want to charge the really high fees they will probably stand a greater chance of going to those types of unis as they are going to have to show that they are widening access.

    The problem isn't that people from poorer backgrounds are less able to pay, the problem is that the amount of debt will "appear" greater to them and therefore extremly off-putting - this is what concerns me most. It's the people in the middle that are hit most as they don't benefit from any of the new schemes for the poor and they don't have enough money to be able to really help their children.

  3. I don't see what your problems are with the price of education going up. Yes it may cost more, but the funding that is available to help you through education is being adjusted accordingly so no-one should be out of pocket whilst studying.

    I guess most of the people who have time to protest about these issues are people who do crappy Art's degrees. I think alot of these crappy degrees should be axed or cut back as how many psychology/english/history graduates does this country want???