Monday, 17 January 2011

Locked outside of the occuption

Currently, there are around 15 students who have been locked outside the occupied lecture theatre in Birmingham University. keeping spiris up with songs and games.

The Physics bridge study space was  occupied at 11am this morning in solidarity with staff who are at threat of redundancies by University management.

pre aranged speakers like climate activist and poet danny chivvers and UCU member Sue thomas are amongst them. they are hoping to take part in a fundraising poetry slam and public debate on fees and cuts.

students are well supplied inside and are waiting for universitys response hoping for a the university to facilate a peaceful occupation.


  1. Could you use a more readable font thanks.

  2. Hi there - re calling Registrar and Secretary's Office, have done and they say don't know about food & water but the occupiers DO have access to toilets - do you know any more about that?