Sunday, 6 February 2011

The fight back continues

We have faced an unprecedented crackdown after our entirely peaceful sit in
Cases are still ongoing but, it is increasing apparent with support being garnered MP’s Lecturers, Trade Unions and the brilliant student body at Birmingham University, that once again a poorly thought through attitude of “no compromise” has put The University of Birmingham’s reputation at risk and its mangers out on a limb.

 A special thanks to all the students who stood up to be counted “I am Spartacus” style when they saw their fellow students being victimized, watch this video to see their efforts

and of course all the people including MP's, Lecutures and, NUS officers, Student Union officers, UCU, TUC, Unison who supported us by signing our petition

Students are not deterred by bullying and intimidation by the University of Birmingham mangers. Cracks are already starting to show in the universities management and insiders have privately communicated to us the serious regrets of the universities mangers in their choices.

The campaign against cuts and fees is ongoing, join us!

This Monday 7th of feb - come along in the evening for a Birmingham against the Cuts Planning meeting. Location: Unison Offices, 19th Floor, McClaren Tower, Priory Queensway, Birmingham. 6pm - 9pm.

This Friday 11th, Come along to stop fees and cuts in Birmingham (SFCB) next public meeting, meet 5pm at guild of students reception, for planning of the continued campaign against massive pay bonuses for mangers (the VC got 11%) while students and staff get cuts, fees and pay decreases.

On the 16th come along to - Discourses of Dissent: Social Theory and Political Resistance. Location: Birmingham Midland Institute, Birmingham. 2pm - 6pm.

On the 17th - Public Meeting of Birmingham Against the cuts. Location: Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham. 7.30pm.

24th of February is DAY X 4! Watch this space for more information on the national walk out.

An excellent event coming up in the near future on 05/03/2011 Is the Re-Imagining the Public University: A Day of Workshops. Location: Aston University.

Take some action right now to support the anti fees fight

Sign a friend up to the phone tree get them to Text “No fees” To 07988056867 and invite your friends on FB to Stop fees and cuts in Birmingham FB group

Some thoughts the guild of students about its most recent actions/ inactions.

You still haven’t invested time in improving your communications, you need to get back on the national stage, your twitter account still inactive, your FB group we won’t be cut out is silent, and you still have not set up a phone tree or invested in FB page.

you are still not taking part in the regional campaign "Birmingham Against The Cuts" which is a group formed by Trade Unions, Service Groups, User Groups and Campaign Groups in Birmingham to oppose the cuts being made by the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalitions both nationally and locally. Participation costs nothing, you have already declared you intent on taking part in the march 26th demo in london.. so if your onboard nationally why not locally? building local alliances will help us more in terms of protecting students at UoBs interests.

Your lack of support for the students facing disciplinary was shocking; no statement was put out, and you refused to even put a quote into a press release. The support that came from all other groups at the University of Birmingham puts you to shame. Your Students need political representation aswell as ARC support.

Despite requests, you didn’t support the EMA demo in town on the 11th of January in any meaningful sense. Instead you opted out of joining students from sixth forms, BCU and Aston. It is important we build up a broad movement involving student from sixth forms, this is being done but without your involvement, as the largest student organization in birmingham the guild should play a key role rather than a fringe one.

Your lack of action on the cuts education department Staff groups are making a brilliant effort to build a public narrative about these highly damaging and unfair cuts. Despite requests at the education forum for you to make a statement you have remained silent. Stopping cuts like this requires a highly informed and aware student body; the university relies on quiet students for their acquiescence to these cuts. By not taking any action to inform students you are failing in one of your primary roles.

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